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Thinking about thinking

I've been meta-thinking a lot lately, thinking about how thinking affects me. For instance, yesterday I had a horrifically shitty day. I'm pretty convinced that I had that day because I thoroughly set myself up for it.

The night before, my dogs had run off into the woods for seven hours, and I hadn't slept well because of it. We had an early morning meeting that I didn't want to go to, so I slumped into work not looking forward to anything. I remember my inner dialogue saying, "This day is going to suck, this day is going to suck, if even the smallest thing happens, I'm going to be in a really bad mood! I might even quit my job." This was endlessly looping in my head. All. Day.

My day, needless to say again, sucked the moose. It was awful. I damn near quit my job, I quibbled with my boss, I made stupid mistakes, small things ruined my day. I am normally a sweet, cheerful person, but yesterday, I was a grouch. I told people it was entirely likely I was going to quit after telling my boss what a flipping moron he is.

Fortunately, I somehow managed not to do that. Still, the day sucked.

Today, I'm working on getting into a more positive frame of mind. I really, really need to find a microphone for my computer, so I can record these things. ARGH!
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