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lifeaffirmation's Journal

Positive Affirmations
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This community is intended to be an organic discussion about positive affirmations. List your affirmations, discuss how they are working (or not working) in your life, seek advice, discuss the nature of patterns and imprinting...whatever you like!

There are only a few rules, the most important of which is, please be considerate of others. We welcome discussion and debate and even disagreement, but all of this can be conducted in a positive, healthy manner. The moderators ultimately have the final say, but we want the community to reflect the wishes of its members. We want the community to be a place for people to feel safe posting very personal, often delicate thoughts and processes. The community should be a supportive environment, but not strictly a group of yes-people who don't challenge and stimulate each other.

We are always open to new directions and new ideas; please don't hesitate to post!